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H.E. Union Minister U Win Khaing inspects  the distribution and generation of Yeywa  Hydropower Plant in Mandalay Region

                                                                                         5 May 2019

          Union Minister H.E. U Win Khaing for Ministry of Electricity and Energy accompanied by Deputy Minister H.E. Dr. Tun Naing and Departmental responsible persons   inspected Yeywa Hydropower Plant on 5 th May 2019  in  the  morning. It is situated on the river basin of Myitnge near Yeyaman Village, far about 38 miles from North - East of Mandalay.

          Firstly, Union Minister and companions arrived to the Yeywa Hydropower Plant. In the meeting  hall, U Khin Maung Win, Managing Director for EPGE, reported about the  facts of power plant, annually of generation and water storage, today water  Level is  532.87 feet in the Yeywa dam, but it can generate only 2 Turbines out of 4 Turbines  due to  the minimum water  level must be left 40.87 feet. Although one turbine install capacity is 197.5 MW, it could be generated 150 MW by the water level Low. According to the daily electricity generation, average of 1.2 feet volume of water had used per day, Reducing of electricity generation is due to hot weather in summer and less amount of storage water in  another dums and Plant Manager presented current status of maintenance  for turbines and  generators in Yeywa Hydropower Plant. U Chit Toe, Director General for DHPI, presented respectively ongoing and planned hydropower project on Myitnge basin. Union Minister  gave instructions to be sustainable power plant, to take care safety for generation in full load, to maintain power plant, to produce more electricity from gas-engine power plant in order to focus efforts less amount of storage water in hydropower plant and to submit the respective region / state government, performing  in occasion  of load shed for a minimum bid of investors damage. Union Minister   inspected the water inflow and storage in reservoir, intake and   spillway.

          After that, Union Minister and companions inspected the control room in power plant, distribution and generation status of electric power connecting with  the National Grid in turbine  room  and Switch Yard.

          Yeywa Hydropower Plant is situated on the river basin of Myitnge near Yeyaman Village, far about 38 miles from North - East of Mandalay. It is generating by 4 Nos of 197.8 MW (francis Turbine) the total is 790 MW and 3550 kWh  in annually  according to the design which were  constructed   commencing  from  2001 and completed in 2010. It is transmitted  to  National Grid  by 2 lines of  (230 kV Yeywa-Belin Line) and (230 kV Yeywa-Meiktila) .

          According to the enrich  of water resources  in  Myitnge basin, it  will be implemented  the total 8 nos of project including one completed  hydropower project, 2 ongoing  projects and  5 planned  projects . When the projects are completed, it  would  be  generated  total install capacity (2615)MW and (11652) million  kWh   annually. There are many projects which are generate collecting  with annual flow , diversion system and  low head system in  Myitnge basin. As implemention of these projects, there will not have low quality of water and  deteriorate of environment ecosystem  as well as along the river level's project.

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