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Vacancy Announcement Ministry of Electricity and Energy National Electrification Project (NEP-On Grid)

Vacancy Announcement

Ministry of Electricity and Energy­­­­­

 National Electrification Project (NEP-On Grid)


       MOEE is seeking the following positions as project consultants for National Electrification Project under a loan funded by the World Bank; 

  1.  National Environmental Safeguard Specialist Ref: (C1- TA 7A)(1)No.
  2.  National Social Safeguard Specialist Ref:(C1-TA 7B)                (1)No.

If you wish to be considered please log on to the following address to submit  Curriculum Vitae with detailed working experience including job level and reference No. before the deadline of 5th, January,2018, by E- mail or yourself. Terms of Reference(-TOR) including scope of work, qualifications, skills and experience can access at the following E-mail:

  • U Thu Ra Aung Bo ( Project Manager)
  • Project Management office
  • National Electrification Project
  • Phone 067-8104216
  • (E- mail: nep- pmomoep@   

                                                     Post under by: Electricity Supply Enterprise (ESE)

Post under by : Electricity Supply Enterprise (ESE)