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Performing distribution of Local produced gasoline from 8 state owned fuel stations

28 June 2018 

  • Due to increasing the international fuel price and foreign currency exchange rate, domestic used fuel price can be increased. Therefore in order to control fuel price, local petrol produced from Petrochemical Complex (Thanbayakan). MPE under MOEE will be sold by retail in a reasonable price at 8 state owned fuel stations such as NPT(0354), Yangon (0275,0254,0247), Mandalay(0611,0614), Bago (0192) and Hin Ngoke Pin (Taungoo)(0160) freely everyday so that to use vehicles/motorcycles commencing on 1-7-2018.
  • Besides, firstly distributed 3 mmgals of local petrol produced from MPE, Petrochemical Complex (Thanbayakan) to Myanmar Petroleum Product Trading Association(MPTA)  so that to distribute from private petrol shops in reasonable price on 24-4-2018.
  • Now, secondly, additional 3 mmgals petrol is distributing to Myanmar Petroleum Product Trading Association(MPTA).


Post under by : Petroleum Products Regulatory Department (PPRD)