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Magway Division


The Work Progress of Minbu Solar Power Project (170 MWAC)

  1. The 230 kV transmission line (1.3 miles) which connect from Minbu solar project to 230 kV Mann-Ann transmission line has already completed and handed over to Electric Power Generation Enterprise on 12th December 2016.
  2. The grading work of Phase I (40 MW) has already completed.
  3. The construction of 11kV (15.5 miles) and 400 V (3 miles) distribution lines has already completed.
  4. The construction work of Tube well 4 Nos has completed.
  5. The construction work of Water Ground Tanks and Pump Houses has completed.
  6. The grading work of Substation (switchyard) has completed.
  7. MIC permit has already issued since 12th April, 2017.
  8. The Land Lease Agreement for project area 700 acres has already signed.
  9. All solar panels for Phase I (40 MW) has transported and uploaded at the project site.
  10. The ESIA final report has been resubmitted to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation on 3rd March, 2017.
  11.  GEP (Myanmar) Co., Ltd. is carried out to sign the Land Lease Agreement for the project area 136 acres.