The Republic of the union of myanmar

Ministry Of Electricity And Energy

Breaking News :


(1) Still performing  the Lines and Substations with ADB Loan (Asia Development Bank)


       Mandalay, Sagaing and Magway Divisions     


2.The amount of Work

       Extension and Replacement of the Lines and Substations -

       (1)   Package-1(ABC Cable)

       (2)   Package-2(Substation Materials)

       (3)   Package-3(Distribution TR)

       (4)   Package-4(Line Materials)

    `  Additional Work

       (5)   Package-2(Substation Material Repeat Order)

       (6)   Package-6(Substation Materials)


3.The Condition of Contract

       Loan Agreement No.                   -           ADB Loan  3084-MYA(SF)

       Organization (Loan)                    -        Power Distribution Improvement Project

       Contract Date                             -        (28.1.2014)


4.Beginning of Project Year               -           2014 Yr


5.Ending of Project Year(Forecast)     -       (2018-2019)


6.Finish Condition                             -       Performing with Package-1,2,3,4 have already finished of 100%.