The Republic of the union of myanmar

Ministry Of Electricity And Energy

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Oil and Gas Planning Department (OGPD)

Organizational Structure

          There are three main divisions under Oil and Gas Planning Department as follows:

  1. Planning and Economic Division
  2. Legal and Production Division
  3. General Administration Division



The main functions of Oil and Gas Planning Department are as follows:

(a)  Supervising for implementing the duties/responsibilities in line with the Ministry’s policy, plans and guidelines

(b)   Involving in drafting energy policy

(c)   Leading in drafting legal frameworks of oil and gas sector

(d)   Coordinating with relevant ministries for energy sector works

(e)   Coordinating and supervising for the signing of Oil and gas sector contracts

 (f)   Carrying out the necessary procedures for onshore and offshore oil and gas projects according to the guidelines of Myanmar Investment Commission

(g)   Scrutinizing in exploration, exploitation and production of new onshore blocks for respective financial years

(h)   Monitoring and supporting for the implementation of oil and gas sector projects

(i)    Cooperating and coordinating in drafting of the statement of income, expenditure and allocation data with the enterprises under oil and gas sector

(j)    Implementing the long-term and short-term plans for the energy sector development

(k)   Laying down the plans for promoting the private sector

(l)    Collecting energy statistical figure, information and estimating future energy demand and supply of the country

(m)  Coordinating in cooperation with the international organizations and companies for the energy sector development

(n)   Supervising in the tender porcesses

(o)   Laying down the plans for Human Resource Development

(p)   Encouraging and implementing the programs for the environmental and socio-economic development

(q)   Coordinating in energy sector businesses to be in line with the international standards

(r)    Supervising for the transparency of energy sector businesses